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We will take care of everything from:

  • Website Management

  • SEO and Content Creation

  • Social media management

  • Paid Social and Google Ads

  • Email marketing

  • Graphic Design

  • Photography and Videography

  • And Custom Creatives

What Makes Us Different?

We are a boutique-style marketing agency that works one-on-one with you to provide custom strategies and tools to grow your business.

  • We are your personal marketing team.
  • We are one of the few digital agencies that still believes in the power of traditional marketing methods.
  • Hire an executive-level marketing manager with an MBA for a fraction of the cost.

How It Works

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Step 3

Develop a 

Marketing Strategy.

Step 4

Watch Your

Business Grow!

Who We Are

  • MBA in Small Business Entrepreneurship
  • Web Design and Managed Hosting
  • Keap Certified Partner
  • Inbound Marketing Certified
  • Google Analytics Certified

Susanne Preble is your lead marketing strategist. With an MBA in Entrepreneurship and multiple digital marketing certifications, she is well equipped to design a winning marketing strategy for your business.

Susanne works with a team of expert consultants to ensure that your strategy is put into action by the best in the industry.

Her team of consultants includes website developers who have worked for Google, incredible graphic designers, expert email marketers, savvy social media managers, and more!

We work with small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses, helping them to develop marketing strategies that will not only attract more customers, but will also organize, streamline, and clarify your overall business process and operations.

Marketing is more than just advertising your products and services. Every customer interaction results in public opinion - good and bad.

How you structure your business will allow you to capitalize on these interactions, setting your business apart from your competitors.

Schedule a time to talk to Susanne to see how she can help your business grow and succeed.


“Susanne is incredibly knowledgeable and insightful. Her passion for business is infectious and she puts marketing into practical terms so that you can understand. It takes the pressure off knowing that your marketing is in the hands of someone who truly cares about the success of your business..”

Lydia Spencer, Owner of Nature Goddess Skin Care

3 Ways to Attract More Customers

Building a business is like building a house. Without a strong, solid foundation, that house may not withstand both the internal and external forces it will have to endure.

Your business foundation has to be well designed so that it is strong enough to withstand the external fluctuations of the economy as well as the internal changes within your company.

When you focus on the following 3 aspects of your marketing , you will be developing a strong business foundation.

  1. A well designed website that is attractive, uncluttered, and delivers a clear marketing message will keep prospects from x-ing out of your site.

Your website also needs to have obvious “calls to action” strategically placed throughout your website. Never leave your prospects lost when it comes to scheduling, purchasing, or learning more. The more steps it takes to be your customer, the more opportunity you have of losing a sale.

Your website’s design should not be cluttered with every little detail about your business. You have mere seconds to capture your audience’s attention. The most important information you need to share in your headline is “How can you benefit them?”

  1. Develop a compelling lead generator. A well written and professionally designed lead generator will attract your prospects even while you sleep.

Your lead generator doesn’t need to be a 100 page Ebook. Simple but valuable is the key to creating a successful lead generator. The purpose of a lead generation asset is to move your prospect to share their contact information.

When developing your lead generation topic, take into consideration the needs of your prospective clients. What information could you give them that will provide them with enough incentive to share their email address?

Acquiring contact information is useless, however, if you do not have a follow-up plan in place.

  1. Automated email campaigns allow you to follow-up with your prospects in a timely and unassuming manner. A simple follow-up email campaign that includes 3 to 4 messages is the key to growing your business.

These emails should be written with the intention of providing further valuable information and insight about you and your company. This type of campaign is most successful when you wait until the final email to ask for a sale. Imagine having a follow-up salesman ready to connect with prospects 24 hours a day.

We can help you develop all of these aspects of your business foundation from researching your target market to developing the best message for your audience. We create high-converting websites and lead generators. We are email campaign experts who can get your company set up to deliver timely follow up emails.

Learn more about building a solid marketing foundation by reading about the 5 Essential Elements of a Strong Marketing Foundation.

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